Andi Buch is a professional musician, working as a solo bassist, the bassist of Mima Good, session musician, music instructor, composer & editor in the greater New York City area. Here you will find:

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Update (3/31/17):

I've got a new solo bass arrangement to share with you all, and I'm releasing it today – on Trans Day of Visibility

My goal, with my music, career and activism, is to give more and more visibility to trans issues and queer culture. I want to add my own narrative – one of personal empowerment, body & sex positivity, and authentic, open, empathetic relationships with myself and others – to a realm of discourse that is often fraught with so much negativity and misinformation.

In my art, I aim to inspire through visibility.

So on that note, please enjoy this Fine Young Cannibals cover; I hope it drives you all crazy