Here you will find music composed in a wide range of styles for various instruments and ensembles.  The works below span a number of genres, and consist of both video game works and film scoring demos, as well as classical, rock and jazz demos of my work.

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Solo Bass Music


This is a song I wrote for a very special person in my life, on a very special day <3

Finding Our Way

This song is about sighting beauty, reaching for it and failing...
Overreaching and landing in dissonance, despair, anguish...
Yet finally finding in that darkness a truth overlooked,
And following its cadence to beauty.

Onwards And Upwards

The start of something new

More to come soon...

Video Game Music

Trippolette (video | audio)

Update:  As I am now working on the Rock Band Network, authoring interested artist's music to be published into the game, I have coded Trippolette up for release. This means that it will not only finally get a real release, it will in fact be a launch track for the new service!

This is a tune I created for the first Guitar Hero, derived from my Advanced Modal Harmony final project at Berklee. It ended up getting cut at the last minute, but using a Gameshark-type device I've managed to hack it back into the game, and the code had been officially published by these devices since then. It gained somehwat of an underground following after the code was released, and there have been many videos posted to Youtube of people playing the song in-game. You can find out more information on my trippolette page.

Okami Demo (video | audio)
I recently created an interactive music demo for the game Okami, which is an incredible game and a big influence for me. The demo is an application with four audio states, which can be switched between at a push of a button, to represent four different game states. These states correspond to daytime, nighttime, daytime with the brush out and finally nighttime with the brush out. Upon changing the state in the application the music will crossfade to the corresponding audio file. I have uploaded a video to Youtube where the audio state changes are in sync with the gameplay changes, and additionally have uploaded an audio demo hosted here.

Film Scoring

You can find videos of most of my film music on my YouTube page. All of these are demos from projects I've done at Berklee.

George and Rosemary (video | audio)
For my final project at Berklee, I scored an animated short from the 80's titled George and Rosemary. The full video is up on Youtube to watch. I've supplied here a medley from the music I composed for the short.

"Goodbye" cue (video | audio)
From the pilot episode of Alias, this sad cue takes place at the funeral of the main character's fiance. The cue was recorded live with a Violinist, Pianist, and a couple of players on String Pads.

"Dead Yet" cue (video | audio)
This cue is from the movie Advice and Dissent, and consists of a MIDI string quintet with the 1st violin and the bass parts played live. The cue basically consists of the main character coming home hoping to find his wife dead, because of a mysterious curse supposedly put on her by a Rabbi (it's a long story). In any case, it's kind of a quirky cue, somewhere in between klezmer and comedic-suspense.

"The Attic" cue (video | audio)
This cue is from an episode of Providence, and was recorded with a live ensemble I conducted consisting of 2 violins, a flute, an upright bass, a vibraphone and a synthesizer with a violin section patch. The woman in the scene is looking around in an attic, basically hoping to come across proof of an old affair her father may have had with a woman who has just re-entered his life. It's another quirky suspense cue, kind of in a Monk-like style.

"Forest Floor" cue (video | audio)
A cue from a nature movie. MIDI piano.

Civil-War Movie Music
This is score I wrote for an imaginary scene as my Orchestration final project. You could imagine it being set during the Civil War, and has reflections of the scores of Glory and Cold Mountain. The scene itself has multiple parts. It begins focused on a careworn woman going about her days chores, wistfully dreaming of her husband, then cuts to a battle where her husband is fighting on the losing confederate side, from which he has a suspenseful escape before we cut to another scene of him emerging from a forest to greet his love.

Rainy Day Music
This is a simple one which is a mockup for a "Rainy Day" type of scene. It's done up in Digital Performer using instruments from Reason.

Love Theme
A MIDI recorded simple love theme.

Sad Theme
A sadder theme, based off a motif given in class. Again MIDI.

Motif Arrangement
An orchestration of another students motif from the previous project. More MIDI.


Piano Sonata 1, Mvt. I
A sonata-form piece I composed.

Minulette and Trio, + Fugue
A minuet and trio with a little bit of a fugue I began work on tacked on.

Piano Sonata material

Some more sonata-based material, maybe for a mvt. IV?


Sublimation of Memory
A little jazz tune I threw together in garageband a few years back, with a live bass and guitar and garageband drums and sax.