Here you will find both video and audio performances, at this time consisting mostly of solo recordings and guest spots. I plan to add more solo performances in the near future, as well as samples of some of the projects I'm currently involved in.

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Solo Material

She Drives Me Crazy

This Mike Gordon Band song has such a killer groove that I *had* to cover it! Stay tuned for some more Phish-related news from me soon... :3

She Drives Me Crazy

This is one of those songs that's always kicking around the back of my head... so I decided to do something about that :)

Dazed And Confused

One of my earliest bass influences... I still remember the musical orgasm I had when I first played through it as a teenager – definitely a formative experience!!

All About That BASS!!!

How could I *NOT* cover this one? ;)

Finding Our Way

An original, written for the love of my life <3


Another original, written for another love of my life <3

A Thousand Years

An arrangement of the Christina Perry song, recorded & posted on Valentine's Day


An arrangement of the classic Herbie Hancock tune :)

In My Life (cover)

A bass solo arrangement I put together of In My Life by The Beatles

Check back for more! ^-^

Mima Good

Bass Solo w/ The Coven Of Mima Good

A quick clip of my solo from our first gig @ Muchmore's in Brooklyn, recorded 3/3/2016

For more, visit our website at

Guest Spots

Performing with Matisyahu

I don't get enough of an opportunity to play reggae regularly, and I've always *loved* Matis' groove, so the opportunity to sit in with him – for the second time – was wonderful ^_^

Performing with Umphrey's McGee

I worked with the phenomenal band Umphrey's McGee for a year or so, helping to release their music in the Rock Band Network. Shortly thereafter I had the opportunity to sit-in with them at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, MA. Here's the video of the resulting jam!

Performing with Mike Gordon, Et Al.

One of my two favorite bands still together today is Phish. Therefore, when I had the chance to perform at Phish bassist Mike Gordon's album release party alongside himself, Scott Murawski of Max Creek on guitar and Joe Russo of The Benevento Russo Duo in October, I jumped on it!

Performing with Mumford And Sons, Et Al.

From Mumford's final show of their 2010 tour - two months before winning a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Holiday Album

Carol Of The Bells

Recorded for Atrina & my mom

Wonderful Christmas time

Recorded for Couple

The Christmas Song

Recorded for my dad

Mele Kalikimaka

Recorded for Victoria

Christmas Time Is Here

Recorded for Orchid

Hanukkah Blessing

Recorded for Hayley

Sister Monk


Recorded 9/26/2014 @ Peace Through Play, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Once Stilled

Recorded 10/28/2013 @ Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY

Live For This Moment

Recorded 10/28/2013 @ Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY


Recorded 6/25/2013 @ The National Underground, New York, NY


Recorded 9/3/2013 @ The Bowery Electric, New York, NY


Recorded August 2013 @ Times Square Subway, New York NY

Old Audio


The jazz standard Misty recorded at a Berklee recital.  I'm on bass, and Sergio Marte is accompanying me on piano.

Portrait of Tracy

My rendition of Jaco's classic bass-solo tune.

I occasionally enjoy logging into the NINJAM servers and using them to jam in pseudo-realtime with people worldwide. When I do, I occasionally choose to stream the jam via ustream, and you can tune in by clicking here.