I am currently working as a freelance Content Author for the Rock Band Network.  This is a new system created by Harmonix which allows any artist to self-publish their own music to the game and sell it on an in-game store.  My role in this is to take an artist's multi-track stems and construct game content around them. This includes:

I am working with a variety of artists, bringing their music to the game. I have been featured on JamBase.com, and Umphrey's McGee's website.

I also like to write and author songs specifically for the game, providing challenges for the hard-core community. I have gained notoriety as an author in the game - with my own song Trippolette currently in the top-ten best sellers on the Rock Band Network.

Any potential clients who are interested in selling their music in-game can reach me at code@andibuch.com. Included below are samples of my work.

Trippolette is a song of mine which was first included in the original Guitar Hero video game, yet was only accessible via a cheat device. It garnered an underground following due to it's mind-numbing difficulty and exclusive nature. More information about Trippolette can be found on my Trippolette page.

Umphrey's McGee is a progresive rock jam band based in Chicago, IL. I am excited to announce that I will be authoring several songs of theirs for release upon the launch of the Rock Band Network. More information about them can be found at their website, and at in this JamBase.com article.